Be a featured “grow guru” on the Eddy grow network

john swain grow guru


We are selecting 90 growers to feature over a period of 90 days.

If you are here, you are likely a Grow Guru. Did you receive this link directly? You are definitely a Grow Guru. If you stumbled upon us, give us a try.

We want the world to know how you grow.

We will ask you a series of questions. Please answer like you are talking to a good friend. (You can read Karin’s GrowGuru feature for some ideas). Or Michael L’s post – he grows for the love of cannabis.

Your interview will be shared on our combined network – Instagram, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Along with your answers please supply link or attachment to a picture of you, something you are growing, and your favorite go to spot when you want to relax or be yourself.

We’d also like a short video of you via your iPhone or such: in it please state your name or handle, what you love to grow, and why you grow (30 seconds max). Best if you do it in your greenhouse, inside your grow, or near some plants you love. For example: “Hi world! My name is Karin Kloosterman. My friends call me Kazza. I love to grow weird and wacky greens and spices from Japan. Me? I grow for love.”


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