Welcome to Eddy!

Howdy! Thanks for coming out.

You are one of the very first people to try out Eddy, and we appreciate your patience. As you pilot drive Eddy for the first time, please be aware that your personal Eddy is a work in process and what you are seeing is one of the latest iterations.

We’re grateful for your friendship and willingness to put Eddy through the paces. We’ve chosen you to give us feedback so we can refine and revise. By the time we ship the finished product, to first customers, we’d like him to be the ultimate tool for new growers.

What you see in the box is a hand-built prototype. Much of the input driving the look and feel of the final commercial product will be a result of your critiques and insights. Over the course of this pilot, we aim to send you better versions of Eddy hardware and software as Eddy evolves and improves.

We feel lucky to have you as part of our story, and hope to reward you by giving you and your brand mention as a grow guru on the Eddy platform.

Now, Let’s grow something great!

Karin Kloosterman
Resident Dream Catcher


Inside the box:

You will find an Eddy, and what we call a “floater ring” for lack of a better term.

The floater ring is a necessity with this machined version of Eddy. Without it, your Eddy will sink and that…would be very sad 🙁 Please don’t let him drown!

To begin using Eddy, you will need:

An active hydroponic system with an accessible water reservoir (which we are sure you have since you were selected to be a pilot user, right?) Note: the top of Eddy should never get covered in water.

Seedlings ready to plant.

  • 3 new AA batteries (we would’ve shipped them from Israel if we could have).
  • Calibration liquid #4 and #7. We’ve already shipped them to your address. Look out for a parcel from Amazon.
  • A solid Wi-Fi connection within range
  • An Android or iOS smartphone (4.2, iPhone 6)


To operate Eddy, follow these steps:

You will have received an email with instructions on how to install the attached .APK file for Android users and email instructions from “Testflight” iOS devices.

1. Unscrew the top of Eddy and find the battery cartridge.

2. Remove the battery holder and insert your 3 AA batteries.

3. Place the thin black rubber seal on top of the base of Eddy so that the flat part sits on top, like below. The lower, thin part sits snugly inside.

4. Take the floater ring and place it over Eddy’s neck, and lower part.

5. Gently screw the top back onto Eddy.

6. Slide the floater ring up a bit so it’s nearly flush to the black top ring.

7. Make sure all parts are sealed and inspect the unit to ensure there are no cracks.

8. Take Eddy, with your app installed nearby and launch.

Questions? Drop me (Karin) a line via email karin@fluxiot.com or WhatsApp: 972543187449

Let’s get growing.