Meet GrowGuru Sue Carlton who grows cannabis to expand our third eye

This GrowGuru Sue Carlton, also known as the ThirdEyeWitch, has been  cultivating cannabis while undertaking a degree in Health Studies in Health Science from Portland State University: “I’ve gone from being a Chocolatier at Grön a medicated chocolate company in 2016 to 2017 to eventually growing under the mentorship of Robin Cordell, owner & head grower at Oregon Girl Gardens,” she tells Eddy.

Oregon Girl Gardens is a woman owned recreational cannabis farm in Oregon City, Oregon, and products can be found at recreational dispensaries in Oregon.

Find the farm on Instagram  @oregongirlgardens for every day life on the farm. “My favorite strain,” says Sue, “is Agent Orange. The aroma is orgasmic so to speak, bursting with smells of citrus as if it was an orange starburst which is a favorite candy of mine.  One touch of Agent Orange against the skin leaves a lasting fragrance. My growing superpower would be the ability to absorb & use knowledge gained.”

Let’s talk with Sue Carlton

Favorite grow medium:

How long have you been growing:
Three years

Why do you grow?
I grow for the knowledge to expand what I understand about cannabis & myself

Who do you grow for?
I work for Oregon Girl a woman owned and operated garden

What kind of lighting do you use?
We use HID grow lights & blue spectrum

Favorite strain and why?
My favorite strain would be Cherry Pie. Though it changes day to day. It was the first thing that I trimmed four years ago to the first complete cycle of growing I had/have done at the current farm I work at Oregon Girl this year.

Your biggest screw up?
Leaving a wand on while adding water to a reservoir & having it shoot into the air 15 feet covering around 15 plants with feed from the bottom of the tank

Where do you grow?
Oregon City, Oregon

One piece of advice for new growers?
Listen to what you are learning & apply it to what you are doing every time. there is always room for expansion within you mind

Nickname or handle?
Sue, ThirdEyeWitch

What kind of nutrients do you use?
We use Nectar of the Gods & Korean natural farming techniques to make things like FPJ & IMOs

Do you grow indoors or out?
You can’t go wrong with all three 🙂

Song your plants like?
I listen to a lot of punk & trap music along with country. I’ve never had much of a favorite, but it’s more about what energy I’m feeling

Seed or clone?
Being the lead cloner at OG we focus on having a variety of strains & making sure the market has access to our small batch cannabis we love our mothers for supplying us with these clones. Experienced with both the EZ Cloner & soil pods.

How has cannabis affected you?
Cannabis was & always will be my alternative to pharmaceuticals

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