Vintage unhybridized strains versus today’s “mutant” THC potent strains

Cannabis. It’s style, use of intake and flavors have changed over the years. Our hippy mom and dads smoked leaves called “shake”, and they swear that the effects were mild and dreamy. Times have changed. Cannabis, once an old love drug, has been replaced by heady, sometimes psychedelic experiences. In our quest for high THC, […]

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7 weird and wonderful plants you can grow indoors
plants you can grow indoors

Growing indoors is particularly rewarding when you can geek out and access that inner weirdo. This is very helpful when you are dating someone new, or loving someone for a long time, as a way to show them a new side of the person they already admire. Of course the best person to impress is […]

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Eddy Referral Campaign Grand Prize Announcement
eddy referral campaign grand prize announcement

Win an Eddy Dream Grow System! Dear Eddy fans, supporters, lovers and friends, Thank You! For being a part of our the great Eddy giveaway. We take our hats off to you! We’ve been hustling hard to build the grow system of your dreams. We are doing all this because we are supremely motivated to […]

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8 Insanely Practical Reasons to Grow Indoor Plants
reasons to grow indoors

Summertime is here and the weather is fine. You’ve been reading about ways to grow plants you love, but what if you don’t have a patio, rooftop, plot or backyard to take advantage of the summer weather? Summertime is absolutely perfect to grow indoor plants for a variety of reasons. We are going to point […]

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6 movies and TV shows featuring hydroponics
movies and tv shoes featuring hydroponics

If you know us, we go nuts for the Science Fiction genre, on film and TV. Why else would we start Eddy and an organization to farm on Mars? So, you can be sure that when we Avant Gardeners see directors featuring hydroponics we go crazy – in a good way. We know it’s billed […]

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Have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?
have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?

Cannabis growth hacks. We all want them. Because growing isn’t always second nature. Yes, cannabis plants can grow like a weed, but when you want perfect flavor, taste and effect, you want to grow like the best. We’re always on the hunt looking for grow secrets, to make them part of your secret grow buddy, […]

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19 ways hydroponics kicks dirt’s butt!
Ways Hydro Kicks Dirt's Butt

If you’ve come here then you either grow hydroponically and are looking for a link to share with your friends or you are curious about growing plants hydroponically. You have heard that soil-less culture or hydroponics is better than soil, but what does that mean? What are the benefits of growing hydroponically? How is it better? […]

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Ancient folk medicine can save us from antibiotic resistance
Ancient Folk Medicine can save us from Antibiotic Resistance

Mama said there’d be days like this? When we get strep, an ear infection, something contagious: Antibiotics can be life-saving. But they are not omnipotent. We know that antibiotics are increasingly resistant to to superbugs, strong bacteria that have developed resistance to our medical advancements. The Promise of Ancient Folk Medicine Miracle plants like cannabis […]

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Eating weird plants will save the planet
Eating Weird Plants Will Save the Planet

Blue strawberries look pretty weird. Eating things to save them sounds savage but in the world of plants it’s the best thing you can do for nature. That’s right. In the dream world of plants, there are thousands of weirdos out there and each of them wants to be eaten (or smoked, if you use medicinal herbs) […]

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