Can you Garden after the Hurricane? Do you Have Toxic Soil?
toxic waters in houston harvey flooding

Not a New Problem Long before the deadly hurricanes hit the United States this year, reports circulated about the toxicity problems of soil, especially in urban environments. Lydia, a friend of ours from Brooklyn told us to get our soil tested in the city before we start growing food. This is why people use raised […]

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7 weird and wonderful plants you can grow indoors
plants you can grow indoors

Growing indoors is particularly rewarding when you can geek out and access that inner weirdo. This is very helpful when you are dating someone new, or loving someone for a long time, as a way to show them a new side of the person they already admire. Of course the best person to impress is […]

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Eddy Referral Campaign Grand Prize Announcement
eddy referral campaign grand prize announcement

Win an Eddy Dream Grow System! Dear Eddy fans, supporters, lovers and friends, Thank You! For being a part of our the great Eddy giveaway. We take our hats off to you! We’ve been hustling hard to build the grow system of your dreams. We are doing all this because we are supremely motivated to […]

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