19 ways hydroponics kicks dirt’s butt!
Hydroponic master grower and guru tending cannabis bud

If you’ve come here then you either grow hydroponically and are looking for a link to share with your friends or you are curious about growing plants hydroponically. You have heard that soil-less culture or hydroponics is better than soil, but what does that mean? How is it better? How can I start? Or how […]

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Ancient folk medicines can save us from antibiotic resistance

Mama said there’d be days like this? We get strep, an ear infection, something contagious: Antibiotics can be life-saving, but they are not omnipotent. We know that antibiotics are increasingly resistant to to superbugs, strong bacteria that have developed resistance to our medical advancements. Along with miracle plants like cannabis, which offers potent and effective […]

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Eating weird plants will save the planet
heirloom seeds, blue strawberries

Blue strawberries are pretty weird. Eating things to save them sounds savage but in the world of plants it’s the best thing you can do for nature. That’s right. In the dream world of plants, there are thousands of weirdos out there and each of them wants to be eaten (or smoked, if you use medicinal […]

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I want to grow with hydro, but how? The starting guide
hydroponic, urban garden, New York, woman in garden

You’ve fallen in love with the idea of growing and want to grow year-round food and bud using hydroponics, or hydro as the old timers say (19 reasons why hydros kicks a@# here). You are here with us now because you want help choosing a hydroponic system. We get it. We felt the same, once: […]

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Celebrate your freedom to grow, celebrate 420!
hydroponics growers change the world

For most of the world, April 20 is just another day. But for patients and advocates of medical marijuana, it’s like Earth Day or Mother’s Day. April 20th is accepted as the day around the world when cannabis is smoked, and celebrated by all who need it, regardless of legality. You can be sure the […]

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Build a Great Garden: 10 Essential Foods for Every Home Grower
essential foods for home growers

Cannabis legalization means that 70 million Americans can now access marijuana legally. Naturally, hydroponics are the best way to grow marijuana, and hydroponics and DIY shops are being flooded by people who want to have a hand at growing their own pot. But systems set up for cannabis work just as well for growing any […]

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10 Legendary California Cannabis Strains
best cannabis strains

If you grew up with a parent who grew cannabis (like I did), chances are they pulled some seeds out of some shake (the whole cannabis plant that’s also gone to seed), and threw them out by the shed in the backyard to grow. That was it. I grew a bit, and years later, my […]

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