Eddy Referral Campaign Grand Prize Announcement
eddy referral campaign grand prize announcement

Win an Eddy Dream Grow System! Dear Eddy fans, supporters, lovers and friends, Thank You! For being a part of our the great Eddy giveaway. We take our hats off to you! We’ve been hustling hard to build the grow system of your dreams. We are doing all this because we are supremely motivated to […]

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Have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?
have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?

Cannabis growth hacks. We all want them. Because growing isn’t always second nature. Yes, cannabis plants can grow like a weed, but when you want perfect flavor, taste and effect, you want to grow like the best. We’re always on the hunt looking for grow secrets, to make them part of your secret grow buddy, […]

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10 Legendary California Cannabis Strains
Legendary California Cannabis Strains

If you grew up with a parent who grew cannabis (like I did), chances are they pulled some seeds out of some shake (the whole cannabis plant that’s also gone to seed), and threw them out by the shed in the backyard to grow. That was it. I grew a bit, and years later, my […]

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