6 movies and TV shows featuring hydroponics

If you know us, we go nuts for the Science Fiction genre, on film and TV. Why else would we start Eddy and an organization to farm on Mars? So, you can be sure that when we Avant Gardeners see directors featuring hydroponics we go crazy – in a good way.

We know it’s billed as a way to grow food when the world has ended, when we are colonizing future planets, or as an alternative to a doomed environment. Despite some of the hopelessness and doom and gloom in the backdrop of these films and TV shows, we always see the green shoots of hope poking through.

Here are some of our latest sightings. Let us know in the comments when you find more.

The OA on Netflix


Gorgeous people are kidnapped by a mad scientist from another dimension (?!) and sent to a dungeon to survive. Down below, we see plants growing on artificial light inside the stream that flows below their bunks. Watch it on Netflix.

Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a comedy about what to do when you are the last man on earth. Turns out this guy is not alone, and one of the ways Tandy’s fellow survivors get by is with hydroponic gardening.

What do you do when a super virus kills nearly the entire world and its animals? Get growing.

Black Mirror, Hated in the Nation

Mechanical bees are programmed to replace the natural ones which have died off from colony collapse disorder. They end up going roque. This episode features futuristic hydroponic greenhouses where some of the robo-pollinators do their work.


Chris Pratt grows a garden aboard a spaceship for Jennifer Lawrence, in Passengers. He goes to the spaceship’s hydroponic garden, to see what’s available. This is a romance, not just Sci-Fi, which makes Passengers extra good. Combined with hydroponics? Looove…

10 Cloverfield Lane

What does a prepper do when the world is ending and he’s kidnapped people to join him to live the rest of their lives underground? Grow greens hydroponically.

Have any more shows or movies to share? Send ’em our way. And get growing!

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