Have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?

Cannabis growth hacks. We all want them. Because growing isn’t always second nature. Yes, cannabis plants can grow like a weed, but when you want perfect flavor, taste and effect, you want to grow like the best.

We’re always on the hunt looking for grow secrets, to make them part of your secret grow buddy, Eddy. And we believe music is one of the big growing secrets for marijuana. Which takes us to:

Heavy Metal! 🤘

Weedeater mezmorized by bud, cannabis growth hack
Weedeater mezmorized by bud

Heavy metals are normally not something you want on your plants, but when it comes to music it could be one of the world’s most mysterious grow secrets. Yes, we really couldn’t believe it ourselves, but when we posed the question on a few expert grow forums, specifically ones that grow medicinal herbs like marijuana, we were excited to know that plants, seemingly, grow to love metal.

Won’t it be a wonderful thing when we have tools to test this hypothesis and even start grow offs pitting Pallbearer against Baroness?

Some growers claimed that indicas and sativas had a preference for songs, even.

Grower Tractorbob over on the The Best of the Best Cannabis Growers, says that he doesn’t like metal himself, but his plants do –- and that’s his growing secret. Albums by Tool, “pretty much anything on Opiate or Aenima, the Deftones White Pony IP. And anything by Linkin Park. And when I feed them, I turn the music off and hum to them. When the plants don’t have music, I know this will sound lame but… they don’t seem as happy or perky,” he notes.

Added growing secret, the world could use a bit more of, according to Tractorbob: “I constantly tell them how beautiful they are and how much I love them.”

The KM Greenhouse, goes for the rock oldies for their cannabis plants: “Our ladies like 80’s rock. AC/DC, Poison, Alice Cooper, Van Halen.”

The idea isn’t totally nuts.

A 2013 study found that plants bloomed best listening to Black Sabbath, while the ones listening to Cliff Richard died! According to the researcher and TV gardener Chris Beardshaw, the student-run experiment found that plant grown “with Black Sabbath – great big, thumping noise, rowdy music – they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease.”

And ––

“Those in the Cliff Richard house all died. Sabotage was suspected but we couldn’t prove it,”Beardshaw said.

Grower Jeff? “Nothing but Slayer for my ladies.”

Grower Nick? His plants “listened to a lot of Slipknot and all my seeds sprouted.”

Playing it safe with grow secrets?

But he suggests playing it safe: “Plants love Reggae music, nothing bad can happen when reggae is playing.”

Our resident Pixelator on High, Reuel has come up with a metal playlist for your plants. We’ve added it to Spotify here, and feel free to add the recommendations above. Share these songs and add to this list so our metal-loving plants can shake their heads and grow together. 

“Rock music as a nutrient appeared to create larger flowers,” said one grower we talked with.

Science or science fiction? Give our playlist a try.

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