Celebrate your freedom to grow, celebrate 420!

For most of the world, April 20 is just another day. But for patients and advocates of medical marijuana, it’s like Earth Day or Mother’s Day. April 20th is accepted as the day around the world when cannabis is smoked, and celebrated by all who need it, regardless of legality. You can be sure the parties we will be at tonight after Canna Con, will be passing around these 10 legendary strains grown using hydroponics.

But the world is changing and it’s because of 420 activists –– people who for decades have been growing, smoking and advocating for a person’s right to access and grow a plant known as cannabis. We believe that all cannabis is medicinal, whether it’s used to treat a doctor-recognized disorder or it’s used to self-medicate.

Thanks to Mad Scientists who’ve perfected growing cannabis using hydroponics, cannabis can be found almost anywhere in the world. An alleged 5 tonnes goes into New York City every day, and some 10,000 new patients a day are getting scripts to use it medicinally.

Canada will fully legalize cannabis coast to coast in 2018, and it’s assumed that up to 4 plants per person will then be grown at home (good news for home growers, yay!). Some 80 million Americans can now access cannabis as medicine or for recreational purposes, and states vary on who can grow at home, and how much, but every day it is getting easier.

Cannabis is changing its face and the tide of public opinion is shifting quickly. The“gateway drug” theory and propaganda has been debunked and dropped by DARA even; though some politicians continue inexplicably to beat that horse. It’s no longer for the underground, for the marginalized. It’s being embraced by family physicians to treat disorders and diseases that would otherwise need dangerous, addictive substances such as opioids to treat.

We have played no small role in building the cannabis story as a business opportunity, as medicine. And 420 is a day when we remember to celebrate the activists, the people and Mad Scientists who have turned cannabis into the medicine of the century.

Hydroponics is an important part of this story, and to celebrate we want to give away free growing gear to those who help us grow our fanbase. Simple: you get a link that’s unique to you once you click here. If you share your unique link, you can win prizes that can help you grow whatever you favor or as Eddy says “Grow Whatcha Wanna!”

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We appreciate the people and science that has evolved cannabis to the fastest-growing  industry in the USA 🇺🇸  This industry is already starting to change the face of food production, globally. Sounds strange that cannabis will feed the world, but this is what’s happening.

Enjoy everything your day has to offer –– and share your link!

Happy 420 🍍

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